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SEO Process

BrainPulse’s search engine optimization process engages a series of comprehensive procedures and analysis to ensure that a website is customized so as to achieve the higher ranking levels in all the major search engines. From our past experience we have found that the following steps are vital in creating a website successfully in the near and long term.

Step 1. Initial SEO consultation:

  • Basic understanding of your requirements to enable us to concentrate on the key words of your site and guide your SEO campaign in the accurate direction.
  • Structural analysis of the website, its navigation and its content.
  • Examining the existing rankings of the website on all the major search engines.

Step 2. Online competitor analysis:

  • Analyze the exact online competitors that we have to face.
  • Understand the strategies that competitors have adopted and making use of this information to design your website.

Step 3. Keyword analysis and research:

  • Identifying and defining keywords is an essential step towards a successful SEO.
  • Selecting the best suited keywords that are relevant to the business requirements.

Step 4.Website optimization:

  • A thorough content analysis is done. Changes are made that are search engine friendly while retaining its original meaning.
  • HTML code clean up is a process where we remove the entire redundant html codes and simultaneously fix all the errors.
  • Implement the proposed architecture for a website in terms of Links.
  • Developing meta tags based on the analysis of the keywords combining the title, description and keywords.

Step 5. Search engine submission.

  • Manual submission of the website to the major search engines is our prime focus, such as Google, AOL, MSN, AltaVista, Yahoo and DMO.org.

Step 6. Link building campaigns:

  • An extensive research work is done by our dedicated team to identify appropriate sites.
  • A one to one basis dialogue is established.
  • Link progress and confirmation reports are sent on a regular basis.
  • According to the plan we provide guaranteed quality reciprocal links every month.

Step 7. Benchmark reporting:

The only thing that is left is wait and watch. It generally takes 3 months for a website to show the results in the search engines. The website statistic reports provide the data about the traffic coming to your website. We send the reports via email and also upload it in your site so that you can access it according to your needs.

We at BrainPulse, make sure not to use any unethical ways to promote a website and we often suggest changes based on the search engine algorithms. Our goal is to demonstrate a clear return on investment from the very beginning of the project and it is on this basis that we have built a good reputation for excellence and superiority.