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SEO Dont’s

Human beings have always a reasonable, wholesome and correct way of leading a life as well as a dreadful, unfair and mischievous way of leading a life. Similarly search engine optimization too has two different methodologies to follow: - The white hat and the black hat SEO techniques. We at BrainPulse strictly adhere to the white hat techniques simply to avoid any penalty and damage to the client’s website.

What is prohibited at BrainPulse? Black Hat / Spam Techniques

Mirror sites:
They are the replication of other sites that uses different keywords. Search engines avoid any duplicate content in the result page as it decreases the quality and worth of it.
Hidden content:
Hidden contents also known as search spam comes in many guises. They are readable to search engine spiders but not to the end user of the site.
Doorway pages:
They are also known as gateway pages or entry pages. They are fake pages stuffed with content and optimized keywords to drive traffic to a site.
Link framing:
The main purpose of link framing is to create links to unrelated pages. They don’t provide any traffic and you may be at the risk of getting banned.
Improper redirects:
Redirecting your domain can be a complicated process and if done improperly, can reduce the rankings of a site in the search engine page result.

Identifying whether your site is at a potential risk from Black Hat techniques may be difficult for a novice. Brainpulse does not violate the white hat techniques and we firmly believe that white hat methods can help you to soar high on the search engine without being afraid of getting banned by any of the major search engines.